AI & Computer Vision

Sat, January 18
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Machine learning is revolutionizing computer vision enabling new uses ranging from smart cameras and video surveillance to robotics, transportation, and more. Stores are using computer vision to track customer engagement, store traffic, and inventory. Schools are doing analysis on classroom metrics, such as attendance, participation, and engagement and companies are using it to ensure workers have adequate safety protection or enter off-limit zones.

Learn about the state of the art in computer vision technology and how to build your own computer vision applications using OpenVINO, OpenCV, Python and other open source tools.

These computer vision technologies have a number of ethical concerns as well. Northampton City Council recently banned the use of facial recognition software. We’ll also discuss the issues of privacy, model bias, and other concerns with this new technology.

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Ages: 12 - Adult




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