Exploring Molecular Biophysics through Computing: Session 3

Tue, February 20
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


In this series of workshops for students from the Urban League of Springfield, students will be exposed to the interface between chemistry, biology, physics, and computing.  We will discuss biomolecular structure (e.g. proteins and DNA) and how simulations may be used to study cellular dynamics with high-performance computing. 

This series of workshops with Professor Paul Whitford of Northeastern University is designed for high school students. Ideally, each student will know that a molecule is a collection of atoms that are covalently bonded. Other than this, minimal prior background is needed.

During Session 3, we will discuss what a supercomputer is (i.e. why is MGHPCC so big!?). The students will then get to log into a supercomputer and perform a simulation that will run on many compute cores at the same time. To appreciate how powerful these machines are, they will compare the simulation time to what they get on their desktop/laptop. We will also discuss the scale of modern supercomputers (millions of cores) and how an iPhone is more powerful than a supercomputer from 40 years ago.

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Ages: 14+



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