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Learn computer science and programming with a one-on-one, custom-paced tutorial! This is a great option for beginner or experienced students. We can start with the basics, hone your existing skills, or focus on a specific project.

Emmett and Joseph are available to teach tutorials during the summer and fall. They are both excellent teachers and enjoy working with students at all levels.

Emmett Wald // Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, p5, Processing, SQL

Hi, I’m Emmett! I’m a grad student at Westfield State, planning to become a high school math and CS teacher. I’ve been coding for fun since 2016. Some of the topics I’m interested in include computational thinking, program planning, debugging, algorithms, pseudocode, digital color. I’m passionate about accessible, equitable education. In my free time, I like cooking, tinkering, and taking my cat outside on a leash. My website is You can reach me with questions, comments, math memes, or obscure questions about the Harry Potter series at [email protected].

Joseph Ismael // Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

My name is Joseph Ismael and I will be starting my Sophomore year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the fall. I am currently double majored in math and computer science and a member of the Commonwealth Honors Program. I am interested in pursuing a career focused on machine learning and AI. After building my first chatbot, I wish to learn more about Natural Language Processing. I have been involved in several hackathons and I am a member of several computer science related clubs. I am also passionate about teaching computer science to equip students to succeed in high-level computer science courses that they will take in high school and even college. I have taught as a private instructor to individuals as well as for various organizations such as Holyoke Codes and CoderDojo. When I teach students I always incorporate problem-based learning in which I provide real-world practice problems that help integrate the concepts that I teach. This way students are more likely to retain the knowledge as well as understand the importance of the concepts. If you are interested in taking private lessons with me feel free to reach out to us!


Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long and can meet regularly or even just once. For long-term tutorials, we recommend meeting at least once a week to keep the material fresh in your mind. Meetings can be either virtual or in-person, depending on your preference and/or location.

Price is on a sliding scale:

  • 60 minutes: $35-50
  • 90 minutes: $45-65

Please get in touch if you have any questions or to schedule a tutorial.

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