Sumobot Tournament

On Saturday, February 2nd, 12 teams gathered at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center to compete in our first Sumobot Tournament.

We were greatly impressed by the robots created for the tournament. There were many creative engineering solutions and innovative programs. The teams competed in a round robin tournament, displaying gracious professionalism and helpful cooperation among competitors throughout.

The goal of a Sumobot match is to push another other robot out of the ring while not falling out or being pushed off yourself. Your robot can start anywhere on your side of the ring marked by the red lines. Robots use a color sensor to recognize the white line at the margin of the ring.

Before the competition, each robot went through inspection to verify that it met standards for size, weight, code, and other regulations.

Ready for the tournament!

Sumobots participated in five 30 seconds matches each round. Sumobots received 1 point for surviving each 30 second match and an additional point for being the only robot left in the ring.

During breaks in matches, programmers adjusted their code, made repairs, and developed enhancements to their robots.

We all enjoyed the friendly competition. It was a pleasure to see the everyone’s energy and enthusiasm. We look forward to the next tournament!

Thanks to our Prize Sponsors

Thanks for E Ink, Sparkfun Electronics, Big Voodoo, and the MGHPCC for sponsoring prizes for the winning Sumobot builders!

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