Who Comes to Holyoke Codes?

Holyoke Codes believes in giving students meaningful, high-quality, creative experiences with technology and fostering skills that enable them to be more successful. Hundreds of local students have attended Holyoke Codes workshops at the MGHPCC in Holyoke as well as other locations in the area. Explore this map and find our where our students live.


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Our workshops create opportunities for young people to learn important skills in a supportive environment. We strive to create access for everyone, and design classes in which students will have fun, learn, and thrive.

One of our goals is to increase the participation of girls in computer science and technology fields. Some of our workshops are for girls only to encourage girls to be excited about computer science and robotics.

People of all ages have enjoyed Holyoke Codes workshops. We offer options for kids ages 5 and up, teens, and adults. Many of our workshops are suitable for all ages.

Everyone can learn to code. Come use your imagination and build with us!

About this data:
These statistics are automatically updated daily from our database and reflect information reported by workshop attendees. The numbers are for students in seats, not unique individuals. Many of our students come to more than one workshop.

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