Why Computer Science is Important

csedweek_logo_textHolyoke Codes began with Computer Science Education Week in 2014. We offered a series of workshops introducing kids to coding as part of this international effort to give kids around the world exposure to computer science

Computer science and the technologies it encompasses lie at the heart of our economy, daily lives, and scientific enterprise. As the digital age has transformed the world and workforce, U.S. K–12 education has fallen behind in preparing students with the fundamental computer science knowledge and skills they need for future success. To be a well-educated citizen as we move toward an ever-more computing-intensive world and to be prepared for the jobs of the 21st Century, people must have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computer science.

We believe in giving kids meaningful, high-quality, and creative experiences with technology and fostering skills that enable them to be more successful throughout their lives. Our programs support the development of these fundamental skills with engaging, learner-centered and standards-based educational programming.

This year, we hope you’ll come to our our workshops during Computer Science Education Week 2015 and during the rest of the year. Watch this video about how the spread of computer science literacy around the world and check out our schedule of events for the week. If you can’t make it, try some of the Hour of Code activities at home to get started!

Holyoke Codes CSEdWeek Workshops

ScratchJr for Girls
Connections Hour of Code
Build a quiz with HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of Javascript for Girls
Girls Hour of Code
Connections Hour of Code
Learn to Mod Minecraft
Hacking: A Cyber Security Workshop

Hope to see you there, imagining and building your own code!

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