Scratch Curriculum

We're excited to share these lesson plans that teach basic coding concepts using Scratch. Each lesson is meant to introduce concepts and tools so that students can learn to create their own projects.

Coding offers hands-on, project-based technology education. Students will develop computational thinking skills and creative confidence. Scratch is an accessible, powerful programming language and multimedia environment. Skills learned with Scratch translate to other programming languages students will learn in the future, creating a generation of computer science-literate students who are creators rather than just consumers of technology.

These standards-aligned lesson plans include learning concepts, sample projects, lesson outlines, slide presentations, and troubleshooting tips and are designed for teachers who are relatively new to Scratch to be able to present to students.

2022 Summer Programs!

We’re excited to offer a number of coding and robotics programs this summer! We hope you will join us for these fun opportunities that allow kids to develop their skills with our creative, supportive community.

Unfortunately, it’s still not yet clear when we will able to resume our in-person teaching at the MGHPCC. We hope that will be possible again soon. This summer our programs will be at the Holyoke Boathouse, Montessori of Northampton, and LightHouse Holyoke.

Some scholarships are available for summer programs. Please let us know if you need scholarship assistance. We are actively seeking grants and donations to support these summer scholarships. If you can help, please let us know. Our goal is to make computer science and robotics opportunities available to everyone!

Let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you soon!


We developed GaleForce, a virtual robotics adventure game, in collaboration with researchers at UMass and Elms College as part of an NSF-funded study.

In this game, students learn to code as part of a team of first responders and help with the next big hurricane in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Students use code blocks to control robots and drones to prepare for the storm and respond after it hits.

Students choose an avatar name and customize their avatar by choosing a body, hair style, hair, skin, and clothes.

Missions include preparing for the hurricane to help people evacuate to the emergency shelters, mapping the city with drones, and make sure supplies are in place before the storm arrives.

After the storm, removing debris from fallen trees, delivering medical supplies, and rescuing people and lost animals are important priorities.

Players work together in the control room to help the community with collaborative problem solving.

The game is available on our website and curriculum materials will be available for teachers to use GaleForce in the classroom.

Creative Computing in NPS!

We recently started scheduling a series of four workshop with each of the second and fourth grade classrooms in Northampton Public Schools. We are in the second year of this program which is funded by the Northampton Education Foundation.

Scratch is a free, online block coding environment made by MIT. Scratch is a great tool for integrating learning in Language Arts, Math, Computer Science. The goal of this grant is to support teachers to feel confident to introduce students to Scratch each year.