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Scratch Curriculum

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans teach basic coding concepts using Scratch. Each lesson is meant to introduce concepts and tools so that students can learn to create their own projects.

Coding offers hands-on, project-based technology education. Students will develop computational thinking skills and creative confidence. Scratch is an accessible, powerful programming language and multimedia environment. Skills learned with Scratch translate to other programming languages students will learn in the future, creating a generation of computer science-literate students who are creators rather than just consumers of technology.

These standards-aligned lesson plans include learning concepts, sample projects, lesson outlines, slide presentations, and troubleshooting tips and are designed for teachers who are relatively new to Scratch to be able to present to students.

Use the arrow keys to collect bananas, but avoid the Triceratops!

Intro to Creative Coding

~4 Hours + Extensions

These lessons teach what code is and introduces Scratch. You'll work through four projects making animations and games. Projects give you experience working with sprites and using code blocks like key presses, loops, conditionals, and variables. You will also use the art tools to customize sprites and make your own characters.

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Use the arrow keys to catch the falling rainbows!

Creative Coding

~4 Hours + Extensions

These four lessons bring students more advanced concepts in Scratch. You'll work through four projects making animations and games while learning about concepts like loops, conditionals, and variables. Students will learn skills to make their own creative projects.

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