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Holyoke Codes offers workshops to your school, library, company, or other group at your location or at the MGHPCC! Some of our workshops are listed below. but we have many more workshops developed, so ask if there is something else you are interested in. We also love creating new workshops or customizing workshops for special groups or topics.

We offer a single workshop, a series of workshops, or workshops with multiple groups on the same day. The cost varies based on the number of students, the number of workshops, materials needed, and travel time, but generally ranges from $250 to $500. We can also work with your organization to arrange grant funding for our programs. Please contact us for more information.

Workshop Series

Our workshop series are great for schools and other organizations that want to offer computer science and robotics. We can work with your organization to determine the best program options and schedule that works for your classes or groups.

  • Animation and Game Design
    Ages: 7-13
    Scratch, Series
    2 - 10 workshops
    Engage students with computational thinking using Scratch, an online programming language for making games and animations. Project-based learning incorporates math concepts such as variables and functions and computational thinking ideas such a conditionals and iteration. Students will use art tools, sound effects, and motion to bring their ideas to life. We offer a number of different options for different ages and experience levels.
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    Code Week
    Ages: 11-14
    Mobile Apps, Robotics, Scratch, Series
    4-5 workshops
    Introduce coding and robotics to middle school students with five 90 minute workshops. Students will build robots, code a video game, create a mobile app, and program an autonomous vehicle with these engaging workshops designed to be inclusive of all students. Optionally include a field trip to learn about high performance computing at the MGHPCC. The Big Yellow School Bus program provides grants for transportation costs of educational field trips.
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    Innovating Science Education with Code
    Ages: 9-11
    Scratch, Series
    1-4 workshops
    Incorporate Scratch coding into your fourth grade science class. Four projects supplement and reinforce the fourth grade science curriculum aligned with NGSS standards and include math concepts such as variables, coordinates, and functions and computational thinking ideas such as conditionals and iteration. Students will use art tools, sound effects, and motion to bring science to life. Topics may include energy, waves, earth features, plant structures, and human body systems.
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  • Interactive Graphic Novels
    Ages: 14-18
    Python, Series
    3-5 workshops
    Combine art and literature with coding and computational thinking to create compelling narratives. Students will conceive a story, illustrate it, and bring it to life using Ren’Py, an open source visual novel engine to tell their interactive digital stories. We can collaborate with Art and English teachers to enrich their curriculum. The Ren’Py scripting language is based on Python, a widely used programming language that enables students to create a unique story that allows readers to make choices that affect the story outcome.
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Individual Workshops

Individual workshops are a great activity for schools, libraries, and companies that want to offer technology education.

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