Launch a High Altitude Balloon!

Ever wanted to go to space? Join a team to design, construct, and launch a High Altitude Balloon. Send your balloon into the stratosphere! It’s FREE! No experience necessary, just an interest in making cool things!

Code Week!

Code Week is a project to bring a coding and robotics experience to all seventh grade students in the Holyoke Public School system.Each of the seventh graders in Holyoke have a week with 4 field trips to our classroom at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.

Valley Gives!

In 2015, Holyoke Codes brought over 90 workshops to more than 1,200 area youth, building a community of learners with project-based learning in computer science and robotics. We offer workshops for kids of all ages, from 5 years through high school. We believe that all kids should have access to computer science education. Our workshops are free so anyone can…

Why Computer Science is Important

Holyoke Codes began with Computer Science Education Week in 2014. We offered a series of workshops introducing kids to coding as part of this international effort to give kids around the world exposure to computer science Computer science and the technologies it encompasses lie at the heart of our economy, daily lives, and scientific enterprise. As the digital age has…


Jack started coding Scratch at a Holyoke Codes workshop in February. He created this game about Mars called “Stranded” that was featured on the Scratch homepage. Pretty amazing what you can do – try it out and check out some of his other projects!

Rube Goldberg Contraption

This was one section of the physical-digital rube goldberg interface created at NERD Summit 2015 this year. The ball rolls down the ramp eventually triggering a sensor that initiates a virtual ball to begin moving, which eventually triggers a motor to release the next physical ball…