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We developed GaleForce, a virtual robotics adventure game, in collaboration with researchers at UMass and Elms College as part of an NSF-funded study.

In this game, students learn to code as part of a team of first responders and help with the next big hurricane in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Students use code blocks to control robots and drones to prepare for the storm and respond after it hits.

Students choose an avatar name and customize their avatar by choosing a body, hair style, hair, skin, and clothes.

Missions include preparing for the hurricane to help people evacuate to the emergency shelters, mapping the city with drones, and make sure supplies are in place before the storm arrives.

After the storm, removing debris from fallen trees, delivering medical supplies, and rescuing people and lost animals are important priorities.

Players work together in the control room to help the community with collaborative problem solving.

The game is available on our website and curriculum materials will be available for teachers to use GaleForce in the classroom.

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